Basic Things to Know When Choosing from the Range of Bell Tents For Sale

There are a LOT of bell tents out there for sale now – so if you’re new to it all & thinking of buying one – and are perhaps a little confused here are a few basic pieces of info that may help…

Pukka 4m & 5m Bell Tents Erected
Pukka 4m & 5m Bell Tents

What is better about a Pukka bell tent?

It usually always happens – people call up to ask a few questions, or they book to come and view our tents… one of the questions they will ask is… ‘So what makes your bell tents better than other bell tents?’, or, ‘So why should we buy one of your bell tents?’

The answer is always the same…

– heavier weight of canvas (360gsm)

– top quality zips (YKK)

– wider storm flaps covering external zips

– appropriately-sized zips for the job

– double-tagged and/or reversible zips where necessary

– integral flue exit (side wall)

– wide storm flaps over window zips

– zip-open mesh on windows

– secondary mesh doors

– push-click fit poles

– pro-quality guy pegs (see our steel-V guypegs)

– 6mm reflective ropes

– chunky wooden sliders

– easy-to-use main tent bag (length-wise zip to open)

– free mallet

– separate bags for tent, poles, pegs, sliders/ropes

I know there are others out there with similar specs these days, but it does not alter the fact that we have always, and always will strive to provide the best quality for a competitive price.

Oh yes, plus we also pride ourselves on providing a great Customer Service!

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